Changing Your Major

Choose a major that fits your career and academic goals

Change of Major

Finding the right major can be challenging. Most ASU students change their majors at least once before graduation. The resources below can help you find a major that matches your talents, interests, and career goals. Start here to request a change of major, or to contact an advisor about a major that interests you.

What students are saying

"I was talking with my advisor about classes for next semester and I realized that I can do whatever I want with my future. I had such an awakening during my advising meeting because she helped me realize I could do anything. That inspired me to change my major to something I’m more passionate about. I hope to continue to remember that I can do anything and everything I want to do."

- Alyssa
"I wanted to major in fashion marketing, applied to ASU through that major and got accepted. However, I doubted myself a lot because I didn’t have any experience in fashion, and because of doubt, I changed my major to nonprofit. I know now that I should have gone for what I wanted to do rather than playing it safe. I am going to change my major and do what I originally wanted to do, even though it might scare me."

- Rebecca
"I received lots of help from an advisor when I was trying to change my major. I had taken a social work class and felt like social work would be a perfect fit for me. She showed me all the courses I would need to complete in order to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in social work. I was able to tell her my job aspirations and that I want to become a school counselor. Advisors can be very helpful and I highly recommend seeing one!"

- Tayloranne

Do you know the major to which you'd like to change?

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Here are some ASU resources to help you decide:

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If your current major no longer matches your academic and career goals, and you have decided upon a new major, start the process to request the change here: